Winter Blues

I'm a sucker for a festive holiday dress. Christmas is the perfect excuse to break out your favorite red, green, and metallic pieces, and I typically do. The red gingham dress that I wore to a party last night could not have screamed "Christmas" any more!

This Christmas Eve, however, I'm branching out with a blue dress.


Bedroom Vision

There's nothing better than coming home to your own bedroom, whether after a long day or an entire semester. And as much as I've come to love the coziness of my little dorm room, it will never be able to compare to the comfort of my bedroom at home. Though my room's decor is constantly evolving, it hasn't truly been redone since I was in the sixth grade, back when I was sure I wanted to be an interior designer. My career aspirations have certainly changed since then, but I still have fun scouring home magazines, perusing interiors stores, and dreaming up designs of my own. So, as you might imagine, my roommate and I were all about planning every last inch of our tiny shared space, and I was absolutely ecstatic when my mom recently agreed that my bedroom could use a revival. 


December Bucket List

Can you believe it's already December? This first semester has absolutely flown by, and the arrival of the new month has left me with only two things on my mind: Christmas and finals. Tonight was Georgetown's annual tree-lighting ceremony, complete with classic carols, hot chocolate, and a visit from Santa. And though it really felt like the official beginning of the Christmas season, I can't entirely get in the spirit until the last of my final exams are over. Until then, I've come up with a bucket list to keep myself motivated by all the fun to be had over Christmas break.



And welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

I’m Mary Kate, or MK as my friends and family call me. I live in Washington D.C. as a freshman at Georgetown University, but I call central Florida home. I study Global Health on the pre-med track with the not-at-all-ambitious goal of securing the health of the entire human population. I love Jesus and am deeply passionate about my Catholic faith, and I am an introvert and the definition of a Type A personality. I drink way too many LaCroix, get way too little sleep, and spend way too much money at J.Crew.
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