2017 Highlights

All in all, 2017 was a year of change. Anyone who knows me knows that I find comfort in the constant, so I'm not exactly the biggest fan of change. However, obviously it is sometimes inevitable, such as when moving to college 800 miles from home, so I'm trying to make the most of it. Looking back, I'm actually thankful for the times I've been forced out of my comfort zone this year and the growth I've experienced as a result. As I move forward into 2018, I am working on cultivating my own happiness, beginning by accepting change and channeling it towards growth instead of stress. For now, here's a recap on the highlights of my year. It's crazy to think about how different my life has become in only a year, but it excites me to think about what my 2018 Highlights post will look like!


I kicked off the new year with the start of my final high school tennis season. I had decided I didn't want to play, but my coach convinced me to reconsider at the last minute. I'm so glad he did because I ended up having a blast making memories with my teammates.


I had the honor of being my younger brother's confirmation sponsor and was grateful to witness his special night.


I celebrated my eighteenth birthday by having brunch with some of my closest friends.

I visited Georgetown again and made the big decision to join the class of 2021!


My friends and I celebrated our senior year spring break together at the beach.


I had the best time dancing the night away with my friends at our senior prom.

I graduated high school! (I think that squinty smile says it all.)


My grandma took my mom, aunt, sister, and I on a girls trip to her hometown in Ontario. The area, weather, and people could not have been more beautiful.

I returned to my favorite place in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, where I taught, learned, explored, and loved more than ever before.

I mean, that view!


My family soaked up the last bit of summer with a trip to Harbor Island, Bahamas. Our days were filled with an abundance of sun, sand, and clear blue water.


I said goodbye to my best friends as we all headed off to our new schools.

I moved into my Georgetown dorm and met my darling roommate, Cameron.


While it was scary to be away when Hurricane Irma hit so close to home, I was thrilled to have my Florida-school friends visit DC. And it was the perfect excuse to visit all sorts of tourist attractions!


I saw my parents and sister for the first time since August when they visited Georgetown for Family Weekend.

My boyfriend, Kevin, surprised me with another visit to celebrate one year together. Highlights of our weekend included a night in Bethesda, a Bad Suns concert, and lots of Stranger Things.


I met my favorite blogger, Carly, after class one day at her Meet and Greet. She's a Hoya too!

I finally took the leap and started my own blog, Everyday MK! I've enjoyed the creative outlet so far and can't wait to further develop it in the year ahead.

While home for Thanksgiving, my debutante ball was the perfect opportunity to reunite with friends and family I hadn't seen in a while.


December began with much excitement in the form of the first snowfall (and my first time ever seeing snow)! I temporarily put studying for finals on hold in order to have some fun outside.

We celebrated Christmas with lots of family and traditions. The familiarity was very welcomed after a semester away from home.

We celebrated my mom's 50th birthday and the New Year with a trip to New York City. Check back soon for a recap of our visit!

Writing this post and reminiscing on the year has made me realize how much I have to be grateful for. I hope you'll take a few minutes to look through your memories from this past year, too! Happy 2018!

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