Snow Day Style

Growing up in Florida, I missed out on real winters, so nothing excites me more than a snow day. I had never even seen snow until earlier this month, and, let me tell you, I was ecstatic, even though it was just enough to cover the ground.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when my parents planned a post-Christmas visit to New York City. Leading up to it, I obsessively checked to see if it would snow, but the predictions were inconclusive. Much to my excitement, we walked outside on Saturday morning to find quite a bit of snow coming down!

After a few months of living in DC, I think I've finally learned how to dress for cold weather. It's all about the layers, and a warm jacket is a necessity. My J.Crew parka has saved me this winter. It's warm and cute--really all I could want.

I had been eyeing this leopard vest for a while and may have dropped a few hints to my mom, as I found it under the tree on Christmas morning. It's sold out in most sizes now, but J.Crew has a bunch of other options, including fun, colorful faux fur vests and my favorite excursion vests

I couldn't resist picking up this mockneck sweater yesterday after seeing the 40% off sale. I love how the olive color matches my parka, but beware that it runs really short. I bought mine two sizes larger than usual.

This hat is the perfect cold-weather accessory and makes all the difference in my warmth. My earrings were another NYC purchase that are soon to become a wardrobe staple.

I've had these Nine West boots for a few years, so they're hard to find online anymore, but they've held up so well! I wouldn't have worn them if I had planned to be in the snow all day though.

It was such a beautiful day for my first visit to Central Park!

sweater (40% off with code BIGONE) | vest | parka | jeans | hat | earrings | gloves | boots | tote

Stay warm!

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