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It seems that Thursday nights are when I'll be doing most of my blogging this semester. With only one class on Friday, and not even until the afternoon, I consider Thursday night to be the start of my weekend. Usually I'm exhausted by the end of the day, as it's my busiest of the week, so I unwind with some me-time, usually by catching up on this week's episode of The Good Doctor and working on content for the blog.

Last weekend, my mom visited spontaneously. It was nice to get away from the dorm for a couple of days and of course to spend time with her. We didn't make any big plans and instead opted to stay in the warmth of our Airbnb, watching movies and ordering UberEats a few too many times. The row house was just a block from M Street and two from the university, and I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a charming place to stay in Georgetown.

I took full advantage of having my mom--the Etscorn family photographer--here by requesting that she bring her camera to shoot some pictures for an outfit post. We had the perfect sunny (but still cold!) day here on Saturday so we headed outside. Instead of something new, I thought I'd share some of the tried-and-true items in my closet, the ones I reach for day after day.

Of course the basis of this outfit is a striped shirt and my favorite AG jeans because that seems to be the majority of what I wear. I love adding a button down like this chambray one over my usual striped tees for a little extra visual interest (& warmth!).

I just throw on a fun necklace and a scarf in some coordinating colors, and I instantly have an easy, layered look! I love to mix stripes with plaid and find it works best by keeping to a common color palette. It's such a simple way to look pulled together without putting in much effort.

These. Boots. They might be my favorite pair of shoes ever, which means a lot coming from a shoe fanatic like me. I first came across them on an Instagram ad and thought they were cute, but I had no idea how comfortable or durable they would be. When I wear them (probably half the days in any given week), I find that I don't take them off from when I first put them on in the morning until I'm getting ready for bed that night. And for someone like me whose feet hurt after only minutes of standing on them, that kind of comfort is practically unheard of. Oh, and the suede is waterproof. And stain-proof. And scuff-proof. I mean, these puppies (pun intended) have been through puddles and downpours and you'd never know. Like I said, they're the best.

Though the last thing I need is another pair of shoes, I'd gladly own these in every color.

What are your wardrobe favorites?

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