Friday Five: March 2018

I'm finally getting around to writing another Friday Five post after a spring break full of welcome relaxation and much-needed family time. As always, it went by much too fast, but I am happy to be back on campus and getting back into my routine.

a beautiful sunset on my plane ride home


DIY Distressed Denim

After a few weeks of being MIA, I'm back! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I last posted on the blog, especially since I was on such a regular schedule for a while, but between a cold, a weekend trip to Florida, and midterms, the month of February flew by with little time to spare. I finally made it to spring break and am enjoying having time to relax and be creative. I'll have to save my room rearrangement and furniture-painting for later, but right now I'd like to share my attempt at denim distressing.
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