Friday Five: March 2018

I'm finally getting around to writing another Friday Five post after a spring break full of welcome relaxation and much-needed family time. As always, it went by much too fast, but I am happy to be back on campus and getting back into my routine.

a beautiful sunset on my plane ride home


Over spring break, I watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and was thoroughly entertained. If you have some free time this weekend, I highly recommend watching it. Be warned that the humor is dark, but overall the movie is really well-done.


I saw this recipe for sweet potato almond hummus in the latest Real Simple magazine, and I am dying to make it, along with some homemade pita chips, next time I'm home.


My mom and I were recently lamenting the pilling that has occurred on our favorite sweaters and thinking that there had to be some sort of solution. Sure enough, this fabric shaver arrived at my dorm a couple of days ago (thanks, Mom!), and it was exactly what I needed. With just a few swipes across the fabric, my sweaters looked brand new again!


While home for spring break, I jumped on the RX Bar bandwagon. Their bars are made with only a few ingredients, which are listed right on the wrappers. I've only tried a few flavors so far, but the Chocolate Sea Salt is definitely my favorite; it tastes like a candy bar! This site tested every flavor so you don't have to.


I had a facial last week, and the esthetician informed me that my skin was very dry. Since then, I've been trying to drink water every chance I get. This article documents the benefits of drinking the recommended amount of water every day. I think it’s something we could all improve upon!

Enjoy your weekend!
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