Friday Five: April 2018

This Friday Five is actually a Saturday Five because I was too busy to get it posted yesterday. That seems to be how most things have been going lately, so I'm just trying my best to slow down and enjoy my last few weeks of being a college freshman. The weather in D.C. this weekend could not be more perfect--sunny and 75°--so my roommate and I have had our window open and even laid outside in our Enos for a few hours!

There's nothing quite like a spring day at Georgetown!

the Diplomatic Ball at the Library of Congress with my roommate, Cameron


As you surely know by now, I can't resist a Glossier product. Because I'm nowhere near a makeup expert, I appreciate their pared down collection and easy-to-use products. I've never been one to wear eye shadow except when I get my makeup down for formal events, so I was worried about doing it myself for the Diplomatic Ball last weekend. I decided to give Glossier's newest release, Lidstar, a try in the colors Slip, a light pink, and Moon, an opalescent. Lidstar is a liquid eyeshadow, so no brushes are necessary; you simply swipe it on and blend it seamlessly with your finger! I am officially a convert!


Cameron recently introduced me to a new Netflix TV series called Queer Eye. It's a remake of the original early 2000s show in which five gay guys, the "Fab Five," each make over an aspect of a man's life: fashion, grooming, interior design, food and wine, and culture. The guys are adorable and hilarious, the makeovers are incredible, and the show altogether is such a feel-good one. Be warned, though: once you start watching it, you won't want to stop! I finished all eight episodes in a single day over Easter break!


This is certainly not a new product, but it is new to me. Another favorite that I owe to Cameron is Downy's Wrinkle Releaser. I was complaining to her that my clothes seem to get so wrinkled just from hanging in my closet but I'm too lazy to iron or steam them, and she introduced me to this brilliant fix. I was thrilled by how well it works and will definitely be keeping some on hand next semester!


I just finished a research paper for my writing class about how social media is contributing to mental illness, an issue that I find very relevant and necessary to discuss. This article perfectly captures my views on the topic and offers solutions that all social media users can benefit from trying. At the very least, give it a skim because I bet you'll find it relatable!


The very last thing I need is another place to shop, but I can't help but share my latest discovery. After the middle school days of graphic tees and skinny jeans, I never thought I'd spend another dollar at Abercrombie, but I am incredibly impressed by how they have rebranded in recent years to appeal to young adults. Below, I've compiled my favorite items from their spring line. Pretty cute, huh?

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

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