Prom Dress Shopping Guide

It's about that time of year again! After spring break, time seems to fly by, meaning prom will be here before we know it. My high school didn't have prom until mid-May, but I think it's safe to say everyone started shopping for a dress long before that.

Although they were very different, I adored both of the dresses I wore and have been waiting for an excuse to wear them again. I am so excited that I finally have one, as I will be attending the Diplomatic Ball this weekend at the Library of Congress!

I have included some pictures of my Junior and Senior proms (and linked similar dresses), and I have also compiled fifty of the prettiest dresses on the market this season. I tried to find options at all different price points and included ones that satisfy the strict dress codes of schools like mine. I would wear every single one of them and honestly wish I had reason to! I hope this helps you kick-start your shopping, and I look forward to seeing prom pictures in the weeks to come.

Junior Year

Senior Year

A typical Florida rainstorm meant these pictures had to be taken under a covered porch

Prom Dress Shopping Guide

Happy shopping!

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