Friday Five: June 2018

Long time, no Friday Five! After a few months of these posts, I'm finding that I average about one per month, so that is what I'm going to stick to, making these more of monthly favorites posts. However, for a little more structure and variety, I'll be incorporating categories into each month's post: favorite I read, watched, ate, bought, and did. Since it's the last Friday in June, I'm here today with this month's favorites!

strawberry frosé
June was a busy month for me; from taking two summer classes and working as a medical assistant to shadowing surgeons and squeezing in as much time with family and friends in between, I've been absolutely exhausted by the end of each day. This was also the first month I've been really consistent about blogging, and I'm so proud of the work I've turned out. Of course, I'm always eager to hear what you like to read, so send me a message or comment on a post to let me know!

As for next month, I'm looking forward to spending more time shadowing, getting back into a regular workout routine, crossing some things off of my Summer Bucket List, and traveling to the Bahamas with my family and boyfriend!

I missed Florida sunsets!

One: Favorite I Read

With summer break in full swing, it seems like there's a pool party or beach day almost every weekend. I love this article's tips for how to feel confident in your bathing suit because everyone deserves to fully enjoy these sunny days and feel beautiful while doing so!

Two: Favorite I Watched

The Fab Five is back with season 2 of Queer Eye! Once again, I both laughed and cried. Enough said.

Three: Favorite I Ate

Technically this is something I drank rather than ate, but I'm counting it. My mom, sister, and I went to see Ocean's 8 with friends (hilarious, by the way) and had appetizers and drinks at their house beforehand. Isabel made a strawberry frosé like this one, and it was the perfect summer cocktail.

Four: Favorite I Bought

I've been on a bit of a self-imposed spending freeze lately, so I don't have too much to share here. However, Rifle Paper Co. and Corkcicle recently released the collaboration of my dreams, and that pink canteen was calling my name, so I picked it up at the Rifle Summer Sidewalk Sale this morning. I find it so special that they're both Orlando-based companies too!

Five: Favorite I Did

I intend for this list to include things I haven't already posted about, but I'd be amiss not to mention the post I wrote for Grown and Flown. It was a proud moment for me, and I so appreciate the support from all those who took the time to read and share it!

In case you missed any of my other posts from this month, here they are:
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I love writing these Friday Five posts and hope you enjoy reading them! I'll be back with five more favorites next month. In the meantime, what were your June favorites? Anything I must try next month?

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